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Nombre del grupo
  • June Larrañaga None
  • Maialen Blanco None
  • Irati Munitxa None
  • Haizea Martinez None
Profesor/a o tutor/a
Jon Lejarraga Lejarraga
Nombre del centro escolar
Barrutialde BHI
Ambito del proyecto
  • Ingeniería-Tecnología
Tipo de proyecto
Proyecto tecnológico
Informe del proyecto

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Ikertzaileen balorazioak

Raquel Fuente

Bilboko Ingeniaritza Eskola, UPV/EHU


Hi students,

It is very nice to see that young people care about life improvement while considering a sustainable development, thanks!

With the aim to improve your project, one thing I have learnt with time is to establish the criteria to self-evaluate my project. For example, how would you know if life after the establishment of your system is more comfortable? You could do a test for teachers/students...

From a marketing point of view, you might structure the document slightly clearer (add sections, numbers,...) and maybe concentrate on highlighting your successful ideas, and just keep your failures during the process for your learning experience.


Note: Be careful with the video link at the end; it is maybe the wrong video, as it is a tutorial from abroad, or you should be careful with the “we invented” sentence. So lastly, my sincere congratulations on your efforts on this interesting topic and keep working to nicely wrap up your project!