The growth of plants

The objective is to observe the growth of plants and how fertilizer´s use affects their growth. We chose fast-growing plants and various fertilizers. We compared the growth of these plants with control plants (only water). We measured the growth of the plants and with the data obtained we designed graphs.
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The growth of plants
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Zorione Fundazuri Urkidi
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Ikertzaileen balorazioak

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Perez

Fac. Medicina



Dear student-scientists,

Congratulations on your research work! You did a very good job, and I really enjoyed reading your report.

The research topic you choose is interesting and very important (we all need plants to live!), and your experiments were very well designed: you used water-only as a negative control to compare with 3 different fertilizers. Very cleverly, you decided to use two types of fast-growing plants, so you could complete your work in a reasonable time-period (imagine trying to do this experiment with trees!).

Most importantly, you obtained SURPRISING RESULTS! This is actually what makes science advance: to find things you didn´t expect. Now, of course, you need to try and find a plausible explanation as to why your plants with added fertilizer grew less than plants with only water. I will give you two clues to help you:

Clue#1: probably there were already some nutrients in the normal soil you used.

Clue#2: imagine what would happen to you if, after having a big lunch, they still give you more and more food to eat…