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"why the pines are dying so fast"
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Ask to several forest guards, they are going to give us the information to start our work After knowing that, we are going to design an experiment to know what is happening and to complete our work. Finally to complete our work we are going to use graphical representations.
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One of the biggest problem related to the nature, is an illness on the pines and because of that they are dying in big numbers.

And do you know why?

This is because of a specific fungus called Dothistroma pini.

This fungus kill the pines all over Europe for 50 years and can affect the producing when it takes the %25. This bacteria shows in this : Pinus nigra, P. halepensis, P. pinaster, P. pinea,  P. radiata, P. sylvestris, Pseudotsuga menziesii

To kill this fungus, they are taking a lot of steps, and one of them is to give copper oxide, with a plane or going one by one to all the infected pines.

The one that uses the plane, is cheaper but can infect the living beings and the other one is expensive but is better for other plants.

So after reading this, we thought that the best thing that we can do is to do a experiment to see how the plant reacts with it.

We plant some lentils, to do this experiment.

And we do a calendar to know what to do every day.

Besides, we investigate more and we found the reproduction of this fungus and after reading a lot of web pages, we found that some years ago, there was a similar fungus called Lecanosticta acicola.


We will divide all the plants in to 7 groups of 12. They will all contain 5 ml of water and but with different quantities of copper oxide(I) and fungicide.


As you can see there are 7 groups of 12 and we are going to add quantities  of 5 ml but with different amounts of fungicide and we are going to do the same with the Copper Oxide(I).


In the three different groups of fungicide (F-3,F-6 and F-12)

These are the quantities of fungicide we are going to use

F-3= 3g/L of fungicide on the 1. Group,we will put these in 12 plants with

5 ml of mixture

F-6= 6g/L of fungicide on the 2. Group ,we will put these in 12 plants with

5 ml of mixture

F-12= 12g/L of fungicide on the 3. Group ,we will put these in 12 plants with 5 ml of mixture.

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