In recent months, due to the Covid19 pandemic, we have realised that we use medicines (many kinds of pills or antibiotics) in our daily lives very often. All of this has led us to investigate the use of pharmaceuticals and we decided to start an investigation to see if they can really affect our health in the long run. First of all, we carried out a survey among students, teachers and parents at the Elorrio BHI secondary school. Afterwards, we analysed the results of these surveys and drew our own conclusions. At the end of the research we proceeded to gather information about antibiotics and the problems they can cause in the future in order to advise our acquaintances on its correct use.
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  • Sabin Etxebarria Martinez
  • Garazi Eriz Balerdi
  • Maddi Basauri Ganboa
  • Lucia Alberdi Igartua
Irakaslea / tutorea
Zorione Fundazuri Urkidi
Elorrio BHI
Lanaren eremua
  • Osasuna
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Leire Reguero Acebal  


Facultad de Medicina y Enfermería      


Hello oxyciclin group! Congratulations for your project and for the video that you have edited! It is really well done!

Although nowadays I investigate in the field of Neuroscience, I studied Pharmacy so I am familiar with the topic you have chosen, and I think that it is really interesting and a very important health problem.

About your project, I would like to highlight that you have been able to turn the situation we have lived (COVID19 pandemic) into an opportunity for new ideas and research. You have planned and described the main points of your project very well, making a very complete research. I also think that the graphics and the images you have used are very clear and help a lot to understand your research.

Nevertheless, for your future projects, I would recommend you to make bigger graphics, so they can be read more easily. To finish, if you continue with this project, I think that you could improve your results if you separate the data of the surveys answered by students and teachers into 2 different groups, I mean, teachers should be in the same group as adults. This way, you could better compare the results between teenagers and adults, and you may find bigger differences and propose different solutions for each group. Good luck!


Jose Angel Martinez Gonzalez 

Centro de Fisica de Materiales 


¡Enhorabuena Sabin, Garazi, Lucía y Maddi!

La idea que habéis elegido para trabajar resulta muy apasionante, aunque yo investigo en el campo de los polímeros. Vuestro proyecto me ha parecido muy interesante y la explicación del video esta genial.

En cuanto al proyecto en sí, habéis seguido una metodología muy clara y la forma de presentar los resultados por grupos es algo que yo también hago. Por otro lado, no sé si habéis hecho una comparativa entre las respuestas de los profesores y las de los adultos en general, para saber si hay alguna diferencia. Por último, os propondría que movierais la descripción de los antibióticos a la introducción y que juntarais la presentación y discusión de los resultados, para concretar más las acciones a realizar en un futuro.