Improving Goalball by positioning bracelets

In Goalball, orientation is the most serious difficulty. Goalball is the only Paralympic sport created specifically for visually impaired people. Our team has created a movement detecting program to calculate the time accurately and make movement tracking easier. Each player wears a bracelet that vibrates when arriving at their position.
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  • Ane Moja Celaya
  • Igor Egido Diaz
  • Martin Aguado Perez
  • Nerea Garcia Portillo
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Julen Kortajarena Urkola
Begoñazpi Ikastola
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  • Osasuna
  • Ingeniaritza teknologia
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Mari Paz Espinosa Alejos           

Economía del Comportamiento/Economía Experimental            

Facultad de Economía y Empresa



This is an outstanding project. It shows originality, creativity and talent. I was truly impressed by the quality of your work. Its contribution goes far beyond what is expected of a school project.
The project identifies the problem faced by blind players of goalball and finds an effective solution. The mockup for the smart assistance device that you have designed and the project description is of the highest quality.
Finally, I would like to encourage you to follow the path of science and engineering. You have shown you have great minds and your innovative ideas may improve the life of people, as shown in this project.


Jorge Ortega Calvo      


Facultad de Farmacia/ Facultad de Medicina y Enfermería


Hello to all the team,

I have been really impressed with your work proposal. You have really done a very thorough study of innovation and development from the very beginning.

It is really interesting to see that you have taken the initiative to reach out to potential users of the product as well as to those experts in areas you did not have expertise in to ask for collaboration. You have also estimated the costs. You have made a very successful approach to the need for the product.

I see a lot of potential in this team so I encourage you to keep looking for applications for your innovative ideas. Although I am not an expert in engineering, I believe that this type of instrument can be useful in many other fields. I work in areas related to brain disorders and I think that this kind of ideas, for example (geo)location based instruments can be very useful for example in Alzheimer's disease... I encourage you to continue along this way and to develop more ideas of this kind, beyond the work you are presenting at the science exhibition.