Sport practicing in public transport

For short journeys like underground, it has been thought to implement pedals under certain sites. With the movement of the pedals, dynamic energy is created, to be passed to electrical energy. The second solution, focused on longer journeys, would be to implement a special carriage with different sport machines.
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  • Alaia Gaubeka Etcheverry
  • Itsasne Salvador Diaz
  • Ruben Vazquez Gil
  • David Monge Lantaron
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Julen Kortajarena Urkola
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  • Ingeniaritza teknologia
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Mari Paz Espinosa Alejos           

Economía del Comportamiento/Economía Experimental            

Facultad de Economía y Empresa


This is a very good project. The idea of providing exercise equipment in public transportation is interesting. It has been implemented already in airports, where the energy generated by travellers moving the pedals is used to charge mobiles.
In a short distance, public transportation implementation is more difficult due to the lack of space, but still feasible. I noticed in your graphics that the equipment would be placed under the seat and it rolls out with wheels. This is a nice design and it could fit not only trains but also buses.
For long-distance travel, the proposal is a gym carriage with showers. Long-distance rail services usually have a restaurant car, and in the future, they could also include an additional car for exercising. A German rail system, Deutsche Bahn, has published its concept for the train of the future and, among other amenities, it includes a sports car. Your idea is thus aligned with current projections. I would suggest that you look into them to complement your design.
I liked the two solutions provided, one for short-distance travel and the other for longer journeys and it was a good idea to run a survey asking people whether they would use the equipment. Since you plan on repeating the survey, I would recommend you run the new survey among travellers, for example at a rail station, to get more accurate results.
Keep up the good work. My impression is that CAF and Euskotren would be interested in the project. Good luck!


Leire Reguero Acebal  


Facultad de Medicina y Enfermería      


Hello Transport team! Congratulations for your project! Although nowadays I investigate in the field of Neuroscience, I studied Pharmacy and I think that the topic you have chosen is really interesting and a very important health problem.

About your project, I think that the solutions you propose could be a great idea, specially the first solution for short journeys. In fact, the results of your survey support the idea that people may use those pedals.

Nevertheless, for your future projects, I would recommend you to clearly differentiate and describe in detail the main aspects of the scientific method you have followed: introduction, hypothesis, material and methods, results, conclusion... I am really interested about how you designed the pedals and the answers you have received from the transport companies. I hope you can continue with this project and in the future we can use the pedals in the bus/metro. Good luck!


Gabriel Rodriguez San Juan    

Psicología (Investigación Básica sobre Aprendizaje y Atención)

Facultad de Psicología 


¡Hola grupo Transport! ¡Enhorabuena por el proyecto tan audaz que habéis realizado! Una característica de las buenas ideas es que suelen solucionar varios problemas a la vez. Vuestra propuesta contribuiría a paliar dos grandes problemas de nuestra sociedad: el sedentarismo (y su impacto negativo en la salud física y mental) y la necesidad de sustituir energías contaminantes por otras más limpias. Los pasos inmediatos que os planteáis están muy bien pensados: el feedback de las compañías de transporte es esencial de cara a estudiar la viabilidad del problema. Desde mi campo de conocimiento (la psicología, más cercana a las ciencias de la salud) os sugiero que una manera adicional de fortalecer la propuesta sería buscar también el aval de sociedades científicas relacionadas con la medicina y la psicología. Sería importante certificar, concretar y poner de relieve el efecto beneficioso que vuestra propuesta tendría sobre la salud física y mental de los pasajeros de los medios de transporte. ¡Os animo a que sigáis adelante con esta propuesta en concreto y, de manera más general, a que sigáis mostrando esta creatividad e ilusión a la hora de intentar mejorar nuestra sociedad!