Which insects can be found near our school?

We are trying to know if the insects change in different trees and seasons.We are going to hang traps in six trees around the school for a week, and identify the insects caught. We will do it twice.
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  • Ane Elkoro Lezama
  • Sara Cadiñanos Royuela
  • Julen Urresti Urresti
  • Lucía Felipe Mora
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Mari Paz Espinosa Alejos           

Economía del Comportamiento/Economía Experimental            

Facultad de Economía y Empresa


This is a fantastic project! The main idea is that trees may host a variety of species of insects and there may be differences across trees and seasons. The research hypotheses are well-formulated, and the design of the experiment is well thought and performed.
One positive aspect of the project is that you take into consideration the ethical aspects of the experiment. Any experiment that we carry out has to be approved by the Ethics Committee and it is a good thing that you are aware of the ethical aspects of research.
The conclusions are very well presented. I particularly like that you mention the possibility to obtain more reliable results in another experiment with more repetitions. In Science, we need to observe repetitions to determine whether we got some result just by chance or it is statistically significant.
As is usually the case in Science, your experiment leaves some questions open: Did you find more insects around the hazel because insects like this tree or because the hazel are inside the vegetable garden? But this is a different research question and it would require another experiment!
Finally, I would like to encourage you to follow the path of science. You have shown in this experiment that you are capable of carrying out original, rigorous and well-performed scientific work.


Jorge Ortega Calvo      


Facultad de Farmacia/ Facultad de Medicina y Enfermería


Hello Parakeets,
congratulations for the work! I really liked your presentation of the document. Thanks to all the images that you have included, I have been able to understand much better the type of insects that you have collected. And what to say about the video production, I can see that there is a lot of time there!

I would also like to point out that you have informed yourselves adequately about animal research. For any kind of studies of this nature, the first thing to consider is this. From the different research laboratories, we have to apply to a committee of experts about the need to carry out experimental work with animals. After a thorough evaluation, you can either get permission or be refused.

The timeline has been very useful to better understand how you have developed the work over time.

You have studied in detail the relationship between the type of tree and the species of insects collected. It would be interesting to present this in the work by using a diagram.