Playing with sound

Our problem is that sometimes there is too much noise in class. To solve this problem we will create a trafic light that the lights will change depending on how mucho noise will be im the classroom.
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Playing with sound
  • Naroa Uribe .
  • Yaiza Gonzalez .
  • Markel Lejardi .
  • Noa Ispizua .
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Jon Lejarraga .
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CONGRATULATIONS CLASS!! You have done an amazing project. I am not very familiar with engineering and physics because I am working in neuroscience, but you made everything very clear, so I understood the project perfectly.

You address a real problem in class in a very nice way: sound is very disturbing. As a neuroscientist, I can say that the brain finds it difficult to focus on a task if we have other inputs like sound, so I am glad that you tried to work on that. The sound detector that you have built is creative and useful. You have made engineering looks easy!! The solution that you propose are well thought out. The use of recycled rubber is eco-friendly, so well done for taking care of the environment too.

For the future, you could check the sounds levels once the fire station start working and take the measurements to the school-head to ask for such insulation. In relation to noise reduction in the classroom, you could use cork sheets on the floor: it is an amazing insulator and it is cheap.

In summary, congratulations! I hope you enjoyed the project and will continue to develop it. And a final congratulations to your English!!! WELL DONE CLASS.


Sandra Beiain

Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV/EHU)