"Our project aims to understand the impact of poverty in our county and in our village. For this, we have researched the data available online (reports from charities, the Council of Municipalities,...) and we have contrasted them with the daily experience provided by the social worker of the town council."
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  • Aritz Agirresarobe .
  • Aya El-Khomsi .
  • Urko Perez .
  • Maialen Garcia .
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Zorione Fundazuri Urkidi
Elorrio BHI
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Hello Mapua, congratulations!

I find the idea you have chosen for this research work very interesting and challenging. In fact, one of my research lines is about energy poverty, which is related to your project. Let me propose some recommendations that may be useful to improve the quality of your project:

  1. Comments on the form:
    1. You have taken the risk of writing in English and I must congratulate your bet. However, there are some typos that you should check (use DeepL tool free in the web).
    2. Improve the presentation format a little: page numbering; alignment of sentences; same size of graphs.
  2. Substantive comments:
    1. You have put the data on the graph very well, taking care of the scales and using the colours well. I also found the tools used for data collection to be appropriate because you combine public data (which means going to public sources) with interviews with people related to the topic.
    2. The hypothesis you propose to test "Is there more poverty in Elorrio than in the rest of the Basque Country?" Well, it is not clear in the conclusions whether you have tested it or not. It seems that the study is for the whole of the Basque Country.
    3. Finally, I suggest that the conclusions should be based on the results you obtain from the data you are handling.

I encourage you to continue along these lines. I would be delighted to read a new version. Research is long and sometimes tedious but very rewarding when you understand a problem well, and that is your case.


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